Storytelling for social transformation


Throughout human history, art has played an important role in reflecting and shaping the values embedded in society, offering insights into the world around us and giving meaning to human life. Art can serve as a mirror for society while also contributing to reshaping that reality. The values and perspectives communicated through art naturally find expression in our decisions and actions, either consciously or often without us being aware. In this way it has contributed greatly to the creation and recreation of culture throughout the ages, particularly when used with this conception of its powerful role within society. It is with this view of art, with a particular focus on the power of storytelling, that Amber Imageworks was born.

A Canadian based non-profit, Amber Imageworks seeks to tell stories through artistic expression that are concerned with social reality. Closely connected is its aim to participate in a discourse on the role of art and storytelling in society. Amber is collaborating on film production with individuals across the world who share this vision of exploring an elevated social purpose through the medium of film.

Why Amber?

The name Amber is inspired by the life-giving sap that pulses from the heart of a tree, crystallizing over a very long period of time into a beautiful formation that captures moments in time, changes from hue to hue, and ultimately becomes an adornment of beauty in which light is captured and reflected. In the same way, film transforms a story into something that sheds light upon new possibilities and opens up different ways of seeing our world.